Chapter 2


3 Singles:

SHEWORKS005 – Trade aka Surgeon & Blawan
The expletive-filled SC comments say it all.

KVK100: Mr. Tophat & Art Alfie
The first release to come from the new Swedish label Karlovak (dist. by Clone) presents two tracks from Mr. Tophat & Art Alfie featuring full frontal diva house vox interspersed accordingly with dark basslines and stompy drums. Plus the b-side ‘Marlboro Light’ has an epic Mariah sample so, instant props.

Woman – Woman
From a while back, with good-but-not-as-good Gerd and San Proper remixes. Have been a fan of Fragil since the label owner (who’s incidentally also a dentist) and I shared cab full of French people on the way to Corsica where from his phone he played us an amazing Vakula remix of one of his releases that’s yet to emerge. (Their new one from Môme is pretty camp in an obnoxious way, but still sort of addictive and comes with added Tevo Howard remix.)


Untold’s XR3i FACT mix
“Bang on it. Hold on a minute mate, I didn’t catch the date?” Hardcore Megalolz. This is the ideal soundtrack to those times when I like to imagine that I’m an ageing white male raver reliving the good old days when in actual fact I was about 4 years old. Getting emotional over the vocals x piano line in Nookie – The Sound of Music like this YouTube man, quote: “Roller express, lea valley trading estate off my tits…… im there again”.


Andrés – II [Mahogani]
Only just been listening to the full LP on Mahogani packed with stunning reworks of soulful classics. Moving from funkier sounds to laidback r’n’b-laden jams, Latin and jazz influences, highlights inc. Few Of Us which just makes me die and the breakdown in Moments in Life oh god.


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