Chapter 1


3 Singles:

Will Saul & October – Light Sleeper (Michael Mayer Remix)
It was 3am when habitually traversing through terrible radio channels in the dark when this came on what appears to be a bizarre apocalyptic-sounding Tibetan house & electronica station. Enticingly dark and cryptic, am yet to find a collaborative single from October that I haven’t liked.

New York Transit Authority – Off The Traxx (Catch That Train) VIP’ / Conqueror ‘Conqueror VIP’
Yep, am still banging on about NYTA’s 808-centric FACT mix last year. The VIPs supposedly out last Sept as LOB005 and his ‘The Call‘ track are testament to his rough-cut, storming house productions centred around First Great Western samples.

Goth Tech – I Love You
You have to watch the dog-based love story video to understand the true glory of this (what I’ve come to realise is a) terrifying track. Utilising a repetitive upbeat “Hey guys!” sample over dark synthy drones and off-kilter percussion, the south London duo Goth Tech take you into strange territories never to return from unrequited doggy affection.

2 Mixes:

Mike Huckaby – My Life With the Wave
Not to be confused with Mike Huckabee or Mick Hucknall, the Detroit ledge made this special sultry Waldorf Wave-y mix in 2010 as a s/o to producers inc. San Soda and Rick Wade who used his ‘My Life With The Wave’ sample CD three years prior. Some baby-making jams in here.

Ron Morelli RA podcast
So everyone’s been all ‘L.I.E.S. is the shit’ and stuff, but this RA mix, 35mins of drone and 40 of raw, heaving analogue beats in an intense and gradual build-up really is the shit.


TM404 – Andreas Tilliander
Each of the eight tracks from the Swedish producer’s new live project are titled after whatever multifarious variant of what synthesizers he’s been plugging in together like a mad scientist, as filmed in the linked videos below. Working under his alias TM404, the project sees him moving through abstract, ambient sounds, with some wide scope for experimentation. Released via Kontra-Musik on 4 Feb. Tracklist:

1: 303/303/303/606
2: 303/303/303/303/606
3: 202/303/303/303/606/606
4: 303/303/303/303/707/808
5: 202/303/303/303/808
6: 202/202/303/303/606
7: 303/303/303/303/808
8: 303/303/303/303


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