Chapter 3


3 Singles:

Fis – DMT Usher
Dark, crunchy sounds, whole EP is pretty nice, and creepy. On some New Zealand label.

Roman Lindau – Architecture Amour
Out on Mike Dehnert’s Fachwerk Digital, the b-side ‘Pop Moderne’ is rather jaunty (bad way), but the leading ‘Architecture Amour’s heavy kicks and distorted atmosphere makes for a beast.

Vril – V8
The latest ‘V#’ to land on Giegling Staub end of last year – gristly ambient atmospheres and industrial sounds.


19.454. – Slash Dot Dash podcast

Love this man and whatever he does since I first heard the absolute banger that is ‘When I Think Of…‘ – so even if he played me ‘Call Me Maybe’ layered 147 exponentially, I’d still call it genius. That asides, this mix however really is, moving from subdued techy vibes to shuffled rhythms before taking a skull-crushing, no holds barred techno onslaught.

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