Chapter 6


4 Singles:

Gesloten Cirkel – Hole [Berceuse Heroique 001]
Slow-building banger. Less spooky than the Transportation AAD Remix

Mau’lin – Sanction
Disjointed pentatonic goodness from Japan’s Diskotopia label thing

New Jackson – Sat Around Here
Haunting new track on Hivern. Kinda wish there was a dub, and there’s a lot going on at parts but is nice anyways.

Max Graef & Muff Deep – Am Fenster

So Muff Deep has got to be one of the worst names ever next to DJ Catfood and Nooblet, and was wary about Tartelet changing their output to more ‘relevant’ sounds, (having been a fan of their early releases and knowing people are probably tired of that now)… but as far as my ears are concerned this is pretty enjoyable.


John Heckle’s LWE Mix
Yaaay John Heckle mix, been in❤ since catching him live at BR – an explorative journey of things that sound good.


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