Chapter 8


3 Singles:

Vanilla Hammer – Cro Magnum (Karen Gwyer Remix)
A wonderfully dark, slow-burning journey through muffled stomping, heavy kicks and densely filtered sounds from the new mother.

Isolée – Allowance [Pampa]
Isolée achieves heart-wrenchingly poignant results with the fragile structure and subtle nuances in ‘Allowance’, whilst ‘You Could Do Your Memories’ takes a more optimistic turn.

Rick Wade – Fulldeep Alchemy [Harmonie Park]
New Rick Waaaade. Four jammy house jams.


Jay Daniel’s Dimensions Fest Mix
A beautiful, soaring house mix from the Detroit young ‘un who throws parties with Kyle Hall (and son of Naomi Daniel of Planet-E fame appaz).


DVA DAMAS – Nightshade [Downwards America]

Arriving as the first release on Regis’ offshoot label, Downwards America, the aptly titled ‘Nightshade’ album from DVA DAMAS is a menacing compound of processed electronics reminiscent of 70s industrial sounds and tense filmic atmospheres. Unexpectedly stylish and thoroughly enjoyable.


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